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Hotel Operations Assessment

By undertaking a comprehensive analysis of a hotel’s operations, TFG Asset Management identifies potential problem areas and provides recommendations for rectifying these issues while improving overall operational efficiencies.

Prioritising Business Processes

Competent business process modeling makes a hotel more competitive and profitable. To understand and address existing problems, complex data analysis is required. Improvements can then be made on the basis of this analysis. Business processes that can be assessed include housekeeping, marketing, finance, and security. Employing an expert asset manager is vital to developing a clearer picture of the challenges and opportunities at stake.

Small Changes for Top Returns

TFG Asset Management provides expert evaluation and analysis of your business operations. Assessments can range from an isolated area of concern to an in-depth and complete overhaul of operations. TFG Asset Management’s expert team provides qualified advice to make a real difference to the profitability of your business.

Services include:

  • Revenue and expense benchmarking
  • Operating costs review & cost-benefit analysis
  • Internal control procedures
  • Quality control and service standards checks
  • Pricing strategy evaluation
  • Marketing plan and strategy review