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TFG Asset Management offers a broad range of hotel consultancy services, from operator appointments to design assessments, to ensure your property stands out from the crowd.

Hotel Consultancy Services Upholding your vision

Hospitality as a continual improvement process

To be prosperous and competitive, hospitality brands must expand their services and adapt their commercial strategies to meet new challenges. Hotel consultants provide a range of services relating to the planning, creation and implementation of facilities.

Hotel consultants offer a vast range of services to hotels, hotel chains, hotel construction companies, and investors. They audit and provide recommendations for optimising operations with a view to improving the hotel’s overall financial performance.

Hotel consultants employ a set of mechanisms and tools to analyse a hotel’s operational efficiency. TFG Asset Management’s knowledge and experience ensures every operational facet is analysed on behalf of its owner partners.

The Five Stages of a Hotel’s Development

There are five milestones in the hotel development process:

  • Conceptualisation – Stakeholders agree targets, select the site, develop the concept and basic strategy;
  • Site appraisal & feasibility study – evaluating the project’s viability;;
  • Design & evaluation – submission of the initial drawing, planning and technical functions for approval;
  • Construction – checking all equipment before commissioning;
  • Pre-opening activities – Preparing for the hotel opening by dealing with staff recruitment and alignment of operational standards.