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Property Asset Management Services Upholding your vision

Advantages of Asset Management

• Maximising returns

The First Group Asset Management’s vast industry experience not only ensures your asset is in safe hands but is generating maximum returns.

• Managing Risks

Our asset management team constantly monitors and assesses operational risks on behalf of our clients, ensuring the safety and integrity of their businesses at all times.

•Full control over assets

Asset managers provide owner clients inherent flexibility, ensuring their operations are adaptable and receptive to shifts in market trends.

Other benefits of asset management:

  • A management company has a strong investment infrastructure aimed at an integrated solution of investors` tasks, including administrating and cost accounting of the operations performed.
  • Manager’s professionalism, experience and knowledge of the real estate and stock market ensures assets are exploited to their full potential.
  • A qualified manager is able to provide efficient risk control and ensure the security of investment.

Experience Guarantees Results

Residential properties under our management consistently outperform their rivals, generating higher rental yields, excellent tenant satisfaction ratings and high retention rates.

Our residential services include:

  • Rental Management;
  • Maintenance Management;
  • MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) supervisory services;
  • Assistance in securing government approvals and registrations;
  • Procurement up to a five-star service level;
  • Appointment of dedicated building managers;
  • Regular unit inspections and maintenance provision.

With more than 75 years’ experience in the global property market, The First Group Asset Management manages more than 4,000 residential units in the United Arab Emirates, delivering the most comprehensive, hands-on residential property management solutions to our clients.