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First Central Hotel Achieves Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor

First Central Hotel Suites Dubai has received a Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor in recognition of the volume of exemplary guests reviews the property has received on the world’s largest travel website.

TripAdvisor awards the certificate to hotels that consistently receive great feedback and of the 1,400-plus reviews First Central Hotel Suites received, more than 81% of them rated the property’s service and facilities as “Very Good” or “Excellent”.

The Certificate of Excellence is testament to First Central’s management team, which for the past seven years has consistently met or surpassed guest expectations.

With 524 rooms, First Central is one of Dubai’s biggest hotel apartments and achieving high guest satisfaction rates has always been a top priority as it ensures the property continues to attract loyal and repeat customers.

This can only be achieved if guest feedback is constantly monitored and considered, which is why the hotel team uses the Revinate sales and marketing tool to collate guest reviews from all major travel sites. This feedback is analysed to help identify areas for improvement.

First Central’s marketing department has also introduced an in-house system that focuses on collecting more concrete and specific feedback from guests, which is then shared with hotel team members so they can rectify any issues highlighted.

These guest satisfaction initiatives, combined with many other procedures, ensure First Central delivers a great guest experience.

At The First Group Asset Management, we are proud that our very first hotel/hotel apartment continues to set such high standards and is recognised for its commitment guest satisfaction.
We would like to thank First Central’s management team for their efforts and dedication, which safeguards the ongoing success of this property.

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