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Safeguarding Investments

As the Middle East’s leading trade and investment hub, Dubai is a hotbed of residential and commercial development and a magnet for international property investors.

While opportunities abound, Dubai can present challenges for the uninitiated. Getting to grips with the emirate’s complex regulatory environment, which continues to evolve at a startling rate, can prove daunting for even seasoned developers

Another challenge is identifying professional and reliable third-party contractors who will deliver on their promise.

TFGAM’s vast experience and understanding of the nuances that shape this dynamic property market make it an invaluable partner for developers looking to gain an advantage over their rivals and who are focused first and foremost on generating maximum yields from their property portfolio.

Fully Licenced and Accredited

TFG Asset Management is one of the few private property asset management firms operating in Dubai that is fully licensed by the Dubai government, providing clients with peace of mind that their assets are being managed to the highest possible standards. It also guarantees to the clients long-term safeguarding investments. Dubai’s property market is the most heavily regulated in the region, particularly in relation to rental income management. TFG Asset Management is fully licensed to collect rental payments from tenants on behalf of their clients.

Protecting Your Investment

Dubai’s Real Estate Regulatory Agency recently issued a ruling stipulating only private enterprises that maintain a full Property Management Trade Licence, such as TFGAM, can accept rental payments on behalf of their clients. If you currently work with a property management firm in Dubai and it is not fully licensed, it is forbidden to collect rental payments on your behalf, and you are putting your asset at risk. Contact us now to for a free assessment of your asset management requirements.