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Hotel Strategy and Positioning

Developing the Right Strategy

The marketing strategy is a system of actions aligning the general direction of the enterprise with market dynamics. Strategy development is preceded by marketing research on various issues. They include analysis of the current market situation, the search for new high-yield niche, etc.

Hoteliers should regularly conduct a strategic analysis of their business in order to address operational shortcomings.

Enterprise goal achieving depends on the effectiveness of three main factors:

  • the chosen strategy;
  • organisational structure;
  • integrated business planning.

Hotel Product Positioning

Correctly positioning your hotel in the marketplace is vital to its long-term success. TFG Asset Management will develop a strategic plan that analyses a property’s current marketing approach and suggest changes designed to help it realise its true potential.

When considering one or more market segments, the hotel owner should consider the following:

  • positioning of hotel services according to their consumer properties and features;
  • positioning of hotel services at their prices, profitability;
  • positioning of hotel services in terms of their competitiveness.
  • Factors that should also be considered when developing a positioning strategy include the physical design and location of the property, the type of facilities and services available, and the brand recognition and reputation of the operating partner.

Reliable Partner is Beyond Price

Reviewing a hotel’s position versus its primary market is essential to maximising its profitability and achieving long-term success. TFG Asset Management provides effective direction in the form of a strong long-term plan. TFG Asset Management’s portfolio of hotels in Dubai regularly report occupancies and income that are on average 20% higher than their rivals.