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Full-Service Property Management Solutions

TFG Asset Management offers clients a comprehensive suite of services to manage the full real estate lifecycle.

  • Property handover management

TFG Asset Management acts on behalf of real estate developers and investors when dealing with contractors during the handover phase to ensure the property meets all regulatory and building completion standards.

  • Pre-opening phase

TFG Asset Management develops bespoke pre-opening strategies on behalf of its clients to ensure their properties realise their maximum potential in the marketplace.

  • Risk analysis

TFG Asset Management conducts a full risk analysis of an existing property to address any concerns a client may have when considering a new build, existing or potential investment.

Following a comprehensive inspection designed to assess the building’s safety, electrical, civil and mechanical credentials, TFG Asset Management compiles an in-depth report on behalf of the client highlighting any potential concerns and strategies for combating issues in the future. A particular area of focus relates to fire prevention in high-rise buildings in Dubai. After a spate of high-profile fire-related incidents involving high-rises that resulted in major losses, it is vital that fire prevention forms a major element of the risk analysis.

  • Building condition inspections

TFG Asset Management monitors a building’s condition on behalf of a client, compiles reports and deals with contractors to rectify any issues during the DLP (Defect Liability Period) phase of a new-build unit.

  • Asset optimisation and maintenance

As part of an ongoing management contract, TFG Asset Management regularly reviews a property’s operational performance and makes recommendations designed to ensure it is operating to its full potential at all times. This includes analysing assets improvements, sustainability and maintenance.

  • Meeting Regulatory Requirements

Dubai’s real estate market regulatory environment is constantly evolving. As one of the top property asset management firms in the UAE, TFG Asset Management is at the forefront of these changes, ensuring its clients not only meet all new regulatory building requirements, but are capitalising on opportunities that arise as a result of such changes.

  • Five-star Procurement Strategies

TFG Asset Management works with carefully selected third-party suppliers to provide only the best procurement options for its clients. Our vast experience and understanding of marketplace dynamics ensures its clients receive the best quality and service from these trusted partners for new projects and major refurbishments.

  • Facilities Management & Owners Association

TFG Asset Management provides guidance on the full spectrum of Facilities Management and Interim Owners Association requirements, from establishing and implementing protocols during the pre-opening phase, to fulfilling ongoing maintenance aspects of a building’s entire operations. We can also provide supervisory and/or consultancy services on an ongoing basis as per client’s requirements.

  • Dynamic Leasing Solutions

TFG Asset Management works in partnership with a number of high-profile approved leasing brokerages to source quality tenants on behalf of clients, ensuring strong occupancy rates and lucrative returns on their investments. At the owner’s preference, leasing options can be either short-or long-term.