Property Asset Management

From residential apartments to large-scale commercial and retail portfolios, TFGAM is a one-stop shop for property developers and major investors looking to outsource their asset management capabilities.

TFGAM can manage every stage of the post-construction process, from a property’s handover and leasing requirements to ongoing day-to-day operations.

TFGAM provides clients with the highest levels of service and the certainty that their assets are being professionally managed and leveraged to their maximum potential.

Full-Service Property Management Solutions

TFG Asset Management offers clients a comprehensive suite of services

TFGAM acts on behalf of property developers and investors when dealing with contractors during the handover phase to ensure the property meets all regulatory and building completion standards.

TFGAM develops bespoke pre-opening strategies on behalf of its clients to ensure their properties realise their maximum potential in the marketplace.

TFGAM conducts a full risk analysis/consultancy of an existing property to address any concerns a client may have when considering a new build, existing or potential investment.
Following a comprehensive inspection designed to assess the building’s safety, electrical, civil and mechanical credentials, TFGAM compiles an in-depth report on behalf of the client highlighting any potential concerns and strategies for combating issues in the future. A particular area of focus relates to fire prevention in high-rise buildings in Dubai. After a spate of high-profile fire-related incidents involving high-rises that resulted in major losses, it is vital that fire prevention forms a major element of the risk analysis.

TFGAM monitors a building’s condition on behalf of a client, compiles reports and deals with contractors to rectify any issues during the DLP phase of a new-build property.

As part of an ongoing management contract, TFGAM regularly reviews a property’s operational performance and makes recommendations designed to ensure it is operating to its full potential at all times. This includes analysing property improvements, sustainability and maintenance.

Dubai’s property market regulatory environment is constantly evolving. As one of the top property asset management firms in the UAE, TFGAM is at the forefront of these changes, ensuring its clients not only meet all new regulatory building requirements, but are capitalising on opportunities that arise as a result of such changes.

TFGAM works with carefully selected 3rd party suppliers to provide only the best procurement options for its clients. TFGAM’s vast experience and understanding of marketplace dynamics ensures its clients receive the best quality and service from these trusted partners for new projects and major refurbishments.

TFGAM provides guidance on the full spectrum of Facilities Management and Interim Owners Association requirements, from establishing and implementing protocols during pre-opening, to fulfilling ongoing maintenance aspects of a building’s entire operations.
TFGAM can also provide supervisory and/or consultancy services on an ongoing basis as per a client’s requirements.

TFGAM works in partnership with a number of high-profile approved leasing brokerages in sourcing quality tenants on behalf of its clients, ensuring strong occupancy rates and lucrative returns on their investments. At the owner’s preference, leasing options can be either short-or long-term.


Taking The Stress Out Of The Handover Process

The handover phase from contractor to owner is one of the most complex and challenging periods in a project’s development. Ensuring the property has been completed to the owner’s specifications and is in good working order can prove a daunting task. Arranging the necessary licensing approvals during the pre-opening phase from the relevant authorities is another significant challenge, particularly for those who are unfamiliar with the UAE’s complex regulatory environment.
In large-scale commercial projects, any unforeseen delays during the pre-opening phase can lead to huge losses for the owner and developer. TFGAM takes the worry out of the process, allowing the key stakeholders to focus solely on generating returns from their significant investments.

TFGAM’s team of property asset managers takes the stress out of the entire handover and pre-opening process, providing a full-suite of services, including:

  • Acting as a conduit between the contractor and developer in the handover phase.
  •  Conducting a full snagging inspection of the building and overseeing necessary repairs.
  •  Oversee the testing and commissioning of MEP equipment and building management systems (BMS).
  •  Liaise with Dubai Civil Defence and other similar regulatory bodies and arranging and submitting necessary paperwork to ensure the building meets all government safety requirements.
  •  Appoint facilities management (FM) firm and provide training as required.
  •  Handover building documents, plans, asset register and keys to appointed FM.
  •  Manage all procurement requirements and liaise with suppliers.
  •  Provide pre-opening housekeeping services.
  •  Conduct property handovers on behalf of the owner/developer in the case of residential properties.
  •  Appoint dedicated building managers, technicians and housekeeping teams as required.
  •  Advice/deployment of a suitable third-party interim community management and facility management, as required.

Leading The Pack


TFGAM is one of the few private property asset management firms operating in Dubai that is fully licensed by the Dubai government, providing clients with peace of mind that their assets are being managed to the highest possible standards.
It also safeguards their investments in the long-term. Dubai’s property market is the most heavily regulated in the region, particularly in relation to rental income management. TFGAM is fully licensed to collect rental payments from tenants on behalf of their clients.


As one of the world’s fastest growing cities, Dubai is a hotbed of residential and commercial development and a magnet for international property investors.
While opportunities abound, Dubai can present challenges for the uninitiated. Getting to grips with the emirate’s complex regulatory environment, which continues to evolve at a startling rate, can prove daunting for even seasoned developers.
Another challenge is identifying professional and reliable third-party contractors who will deliver on their promise.
TFGAM’s vast experience and understanding of the nuances that shape this dynamic property market make it an invaluable partner for developers looking to gain an advantage over their rivals and who are focused first and foremost on generating maximum yields from their property portfolio.


Dubai’s Real Estate Regulatory Agency recently issued a ruling stipulating only private enterprises that maintain a full Property Management Trade Licence, such as TFGAM, can accept rental payments on behalf of their clients. If you currently work with a property management firm in Dubai and it is not fully licenced, it  is forbidden to collect rental payments on your behalf, and you are putting your asset at risk.

Contact us now to for a free assessment of your asset management requirements.

Dynamic Leasing Solutions

Sourcing high-quality, reliable tenants in such a competitive landscape can often prove challenging for Dubai-based developers.
TFGAM works with a carefully selected group of third-party agents to source the highest quality tenants on behalf of their clients.
These agents are fully accredited by RERA and have extensive experience sourcing commercial and residential tenants for major projects in the emirate.

Clients can also take advantage of TFGAM’s full spectrum of residential and commercial leasing solutions, comprising of:

  • Leasing administration services, including tenancy contracts, registration, transfer of titles, and utilities provision;
  • Rental collections;
  • Bespoke property marketing, PR and communications activities.


TFGAM’s vast experience in property asset management means clients can rest assured their properties will begin generating rental revenues from the first weeks of operation. It is also what makes the company the first-choice for developers who are focused on driving occupancy rates in Dubai’s highly competitive rental market.
Illustrating TFGAM’s prowess in this area has been the overwhelming success of SOLO Business Centre, located in Dubai Sports City. Fully equipped and managed by TFGAM, SOLO has attracted huge attention since its opening, filling an important niche in New Dubai for premium office space. Just a bare shell when TFGAM took possession, the facility is now recognised as one of the best of its kind in the emirate, with 72 turnkey offices with state-of-the-art meeting rooms, spanning four levels of The First Group’s award-winning development, The Bridge.
SOLO Business Centre has enjoyed occupancy rates exceeding 90% + since its opening, and is on track to maintaining such high levels during challenging times.


We are proud to provide consultancy services to renowned organisations, including:

• Wyndham Hotels & Resorts: The world’s largest hotel
management company
• Carrefour: French hypermarket giant with outlets throughout Dubai
• Three60 Community Management (Eltizam Group) – Management of JOPs
• Bin Sina (IBN Sina Group Pharmacies) – Pharmaceutical Chain Middle East
• The First Group – Hotel Developer
• Place Community Management – Management of JOPs
• Al Fajer SM Services LLC
• Al Madar Group – Property Developer Middle East & Europe