The Matrix entered Lease Contract with IBN Sina Group Pharmacies LLC

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13/03/2017 - Our Portfolio Updates

February has been an exciting month, not only for our hospitality portfolio but also our real estate properties. TFG Asset Management is delighted to announce that The Matrix management team has successfully signed a lease contract with IBN Sina Group Pharmacies, which will operate a small pharmacy on the ground level of the residential building. The pharmacy will be located adjacent to the Carrefour City supermarket.

The strategy to add a pharmacy and a supermarket in The Matrix will enhance its overall desirability and value, making it the only mixed-use residential property in the Dubai Sports City precinct. Not only will these outlets improve the convenience and satisfaction of the in-house residents, they will also become active destinations within the community.

“We are extremely proud of our well-crafted strategy and direction.” – commented Deirdre McCarthy-Betzold, Head of Business Development & Operations – “The lease contract with Sina Group will add value to our property, and enhance both living quality and convenience for our residents.”