NEST is awarded by HSMAI as one of UAE’s “Top 10 Extraordinary Minds in Sales, Marketing & Revenue Optimization 2017”

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12/01/2018 - Our Portfolio Updates

NEST, a TFG Asset Management led innovative co-working space concept, has already received an award by one of the industries most acclaimed institutions. The Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI) recognized NEST by its ground breaking initiative to bring into Dubai the first co-working space integrated within a hotel. As a concept made from scratch by our team with the objective of attracting corporate demand and the local community we are extremely proud to see this co-working center recognized by a panel of senior industry executives.

Founded in 1927, HSMAI is a global organization composed of nearly 7’000 industry professionals in the fields of sales, marketing & revenue management. With a presence in 35 countries it’s the leader in the hospitality industry for identifying and communicating trends in the disciplines of sales, marketing and revenue management. In 1983 it established the HSMAI foundation it’s educational and research arm that provides insight to professionals in the world and develops certificates to aid the minds of the future.

NEST officially opened its doors on October 2017 at the TRYP by Wyndham Dubai in Barsha Heights. It is a homegrown concept that forges a signature blend of workspace and hospitality. At NEST, members and guests benefit from accessing the hotel’s F&B, meeting rooms, health clubs, rooms and quality services through their membership. In turn, guests can network with the local community and have access to a curated program of events to enhance their overall experience.

For over ten years HSMAI has recognized creativity and innovation, new cutting edge sales & marketing initiatives, triumphs in challenging situations and sales efforts that resulted in dramatic gains. This year NEST and Ava Chunjang, asset manager at TFGAM have been recognized as part of the top 10 extraordinary minds in the UAE for their innovative concept. Ava Chunjang herself said “We are extremely excited about this project, we are receiving a lot of positivize feedback from the industry and this prize consolidates it”.