First Central Hotel Suites leads innovation - introducing new revenue management software Duetto

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29/08/2017 - Our Portfolio Updates

Despite being an upstart brand, First Central Hotel Suites manages to compete with well-established hotels by becoming a pioneer in implementing new, effective innovations.

This month, we are pleased to announce First Central Hotel Suites’ official deal to implement Duetto revenue management software. Duetto is a recognised cloud-based hotel revenue management software and strategy solution that delivers insights and regular forecasts on demand and pricing.

This system has been implemented worldwide and is establishing its presence in the Middle East, with First Central Hotel Suites being one of the few early adopters.

First Central Hotel Suites and TFG Asset Management have conducted a comprehensive assessment of the software. They have concluded that Duetto is an intelligent system that collects a wide range of data and is able to recommend selling rates to the revenue managers.

Revenue managers can adopt the proposed rates around 70% of the time, helping them to achieve a leading position within the competitive set. In addition, the system is user-friendly, providing reporting functions and applications which are easy to use, even for non-revenue management colleagues.

Duetto offers dynamic pricing, allowing flexible room rates to be applied to each segment. By increasing these options, revenue managers are given greater opportunities to yield. At TFG Asset Management, we always assess the benefits of each investment, without solely focusing on the initial cost. We expect revenue growth to accelerate at First Central Hotel Suites following the implementation of Duetto.