Wyndham Dubai Marina opens upscale Tex-Mex concept restaurant, Range.

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23/06/2016 - Hospitality

Wyndham Dubai Marina has opened the upscale Tex-Mex concept restaurant, Range.

The new F&B outlet serves a wide range of Tex-Mex and Louisianan cuisine such as prime Wagyu steak, accompanied by a selection of fine wines.

The ambiance at Range restaurant is vibrant, with live music sets performed during the weekends. Theme nights will be announced on a regular basis. Diners can also enjoy the view and sea breeze from a spacious terrace.

“The premium beef cuts will certainly exceed meat lovers’ expectations,” commented Hani Mansour, senior hotel asset manager at TFG Asset Management.

“This signature restaurant will soon attract the crowds; both hotel guests and residents seeking high-quality food and a fun atmosphere.

TFG Asset Management, a specialised hotel asset management company, has collaborated with Wyndham Dubai Marina to help determine the key factors that will make the restaurant a success. “As a hotel asset manager, it is very important to understand the main motivations of the market,” explained Mansour.

“We are constantly analysing key trends in Dubai’s hospitality industry and by applying these to features such as F&B concepts, we are delivering our goal to add value across every single square metre of a hotel.”

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