More hoteliers are ‘going green’ reveals new TFG Asset Management white paper

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18/01/2016 - Hospitality

Hoteliers UAE wide are starting to ‘go green’, embracing a range of environmentally-friendly methods, a new white paper by TFG Asset Management has revealed.

The‘The Hoteliers’ Guide to GOING GREEN in the UAEpaper, which has been prepared by the TFG Asset Management Research team, found hoteliers had drastically changed their mindset about the adoption of sustainable initiatives over the past decade.

“Back in 2002, hoteliers demonstrated a lack of interest in committing to any green practice,” said TFG Asset Management’s Senior Asset Manager – Hospitality, Hani Mansour, who is quoted in the guide.

“Nowadays, incorporating green practices as part of the hotel operation is considered a must.”

The paper found large hotel management companies are taking the initiative to devise effective “going green” strategies that protect the environment, improve bottom-line yields and align with the UAE government’s ‘green’ vision.

Awareness of sustainable practices amongst hotel owners has improved, but many are still reticent to invest heavily in green strategies, TFG Asset Management’s team revealed.

The ‘Going Green’ guide sets out some well-known effective practices in three categories: ‘No-cost’, ‘Low-cost’ and ‘Medium- to High-cost’. These practices are outlined as follows:

No-cost practices:

Improving guest and staff awareness about the importance of cutting down electricity and water usage and waste production.

Low-cost practices:

The payback period for low-cost practices generally ranges from 6 to 18 months. Simple solutions suggested by the guide in this category include the installation of room automation control systems, motion sensors, water conservation devices for faucets and showers and adopting a proactive maintenance programme for the HVAC system

Medium to High-cost practices:

Contrary to popular belief, the payback period for medium- to high-cost practices ranges between one and three years. Solutions suggested by TFG Asset Management’s guide include conducting heavy retrofit work/the refurbishment of the HVAC system and adopting renewable energy methods such as rooftop solar panels. Hoteliers are also advised to install a Building Management System and to switch from conventional light bulbs to LEDs.

“We are delighted to have completed our second research paper, which we will launch to market by the end of January,” said Head of TFG Asset Management Mariano Faz.

“We hope the detailed guide will help hoteliers devise effective green practices that cut costs and protect the environment.”