Luxury hotels to incorporate green initiatives as daily practices

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26/09/2016 - Hospitality

There is a general misconception regarding the luxury hotels going green: they have the least commitment to green practices due to their business model that generates high energy and water demand, as well as produces considerable waste volume.

However, across all international hotel brands, green initiatives and upgrades are becoming part of their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities). Understanding the severe impact on the environment in the long run as well as the negative effect of unsustainable practices on their bottom-line, many operators have and are currently working hand-in-hand with credible, renowned green certifications to incorporate green practices. Hoteliers need to understand that in order to facilitate a successful strategy, it is highly imperative to ensure staff’s understanding and willingness to be a part of the Green team. On the guest’s side, hoteliers have the responsibility to educate and raise awareness. For example, stickers can be posted to inform guests of the current waste level and how guests can help the environment by reducing the frequency of changing linens.

A lot of luxury hotels have the ability to invest in high-cost machineries and equipment such as the waste composter, the Building Management System (BMS), the lighting replacement etc as opposed to economy hotels. These highly advanced technology promise not only positive impacts on energy, water level and reduces wastes, they also prove to have a short payback period and high ROI.

“As an asset manager, I see a lot of opportunities in investing in green practices.” – commented Mariano Faz, Head of TFG Asset Management. “Not only do they promise fantastic financial result and boost the bottom-line, they also create commercial benefits. Guests in the digital age, whether in luxury or economy, are slowly becoming more aware of the carbon and water footprint. They are more attracted to hotels who are committed to their CSR strategies. People think guests staying in luxury hotels demand more. But no, with the correct approach, these guests are actually the one who will be more willing to appreciate the green practices and be a part of the sustainable strategy.”