Green Practices Guide: how to effectively manage waste production

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26/06/2016 - Hospitality

The Green Practices Guide series this month will focus on the strategies of waste management in hotels outlined in TFG Asset Management’s Hoteliers’ Guide to Going Green white paper.

The guide, which is developed by TFG AM’s ‘Research Hub’ stresses how an effective waste management approach should adhere to the Reduce-Reuse-Recycle model.

1. Reduce

This practice encourages the minimum consumption of resources. For example, there is huge potential to cut back transportation and material costs during the purchasing process. Hoteliers can encourage their suppliers to reduce packaging by purchasing in large volumes.

2. Reuse

The concept of reuse is to use a newly purchased product more than once. Hotels continue to encourage staff to maximise the use of equipment and materials such as stationery. For example, printing must be double-sided and after use, must be shredded to be reused for purposes such as packaging materials. Another initiative is to encourage guests to reuse linens and towels instead of changing them on a daily basis. The third practice is for hotels to donate excess items, clothes, used furniture etc to social service organisations or charities. This will extend the lifecycle of those products.

3. Recycle

The recycle concept refers to the process whereby used items or materials (waste) are transformed into new, usable products. In order to mitigate the waste dump-to-landfill ratios, hotel properties are encouraged to compost organic items such as food. They can be shredded and used as soil amendments or organic fertilisers.

The use of a bin separator is very practical, easy, cheap and popular. The garbage chute station will include separate recycling bins for plastics, glass and paper. Guests and employees dispose of their trash according to the indicator.

To learn more about the green practices hoteliers can adopt, download TFG Asset Management’s white paper at the TFG Asset Management Library or on HospitalityNet.