Coworking Spaces: A Workplace Paradigm Shift

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22/01/2017 - Hospitality

The demand for coworking spaces is rapidly gaining traction in the UAE, which has seen more sophisticated concepts emerge over the past year. At a global scale, the coworking movement represents a workplace paradigm shift and a cultural transformation.

Users are turning away from the traditional office environment in search of a flexible, collaborative space that facilitates knowledge sharing and idea generation. Coworking spaces offer flexible rental structures and generally cater to independent workers, including the ‘Digital Nomad’ which is a new breed of entrepreneurs who live and work remotely, as well as conventional freelancers and start-ups.

The purpose-built space invokes a sense of community by incorporating open play layouts and shared facilities. Prime concepts feature state of the art technology and evocative designs, often cultivating a creative environment.

TFG Asset Management recognizes this paradigm shift and will be launching a unique coworking concept which will be incorporated into one of their hotels in 2017.

Photo from Inhabitat