TFG Asset Management delegate attended and presented at The 3rd Global Tourism and Hospitality Conference

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29/06/2017 - Event

The School of Hotel and Tourism Management (SHTM) at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) recently hosted the 3rd Global Tourism and Hospitality Conference from 5th to 7th June, held at the University’s own research hotel, Hotel Icon. The main theme of the conference focused on “Innovation – Research – Education”. In addition to exchanging research and insights, it was also a great networking platform for educators, students and industry practitioners – connecting academia to the industry players and vice versa.

Yung Dang represented TFG Asset Management as a delegate and presenter at the conference where she presented TFG Asset Management’s in-house study “Staff turnover on a hotel’s Income Statement”. Although the research paper applied a unique approach, the presentation was very well-received by the academia. Several questions and suggestions had been raised regarding the research and methodology as well as the strategies proposed. In addition to TFG Asset Management’s research, there were many interesting and innovative research papers focusing on topics such as Revenue Management and Customer Relationship Management – Conflicts or Integrated Revenue Driver where the research proposed to link Revenue Management and CRM to create pricing strategy based on individual levels. Fifty Years of Hotel Management Contracts in Japan – Controversial Disputes in a Regional Business Context helped industry practitioners to understand the management model in Japan and the current difficulties facing the local owners when dealing with international groups.

Aside from the different presentations, there were several plenary sessions where high profile educators and practitioners were invited to discuss various industry-related topics. The program was very engaging, as exemplified by the session about University and Industry Partnerships which posed many questions about the validity of theoretical research frameworks and their real-life applications, highlighting ways that the industry and academia can establish a relationship that provides practitioners with access to academic databases and the university with practical experiences. Educators at the PolyU regularly volunteer to conduct internships or executive management programs in the hospitality field in order to obtain first-hand experience and impart the knowledge to their students.

“The 3-day conference was an eye-opener.” – commented Yung Dang – “It is always great to connect with like-mind industry fellows, however, there is a lack of opportunity to be connected to a pool of such talented students and educators. It would be ideal for industry practitioners and educators to apply the sharing economy concept to form partnerships so that all stakeholders have access to resources, databases and practical experiences.”