TFG Asset Management consults HR experts for new white paper

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21/07/2016 - Event

TFG Asset Management, in collaboration with Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAH), is poised to debut a new study focused on staff turnover in the UAE hospitality sector and its impact on the Income Statement.

This will mark the fourth white paper published by TFG Asset Management, which has carefully selected topics that address HR issues both hoteliers and Hotel Asset Managers face.

In order to compile an informative and comprehensive study, the TFG Asset Management research team and the students from EAH have conducted and collected more than 3,000 questionnaires from hotels across the UAE and interviewed key HR experts.

During these discussions, the team has discovered new HR-related facts and findings.

TFG Asset Management is particularly interested in studying employee loyalty factors and the reasons why they want to leave their jobs.

In order to gain a perspective of asset management in Dubai and UAE, we have taken this research to the next level by analysing the consequence of high staff turnover on the hotel’s Profit & Loss.

Our study will reveal how this will severely and negatively impact the top-line revenue, as well as the bottom-line yield. As staff are a company’s most valuable asset, we acknowledge the importance of this research to outline effective strategies to retain them.

“It is very interesting to learn that HR practices are constantly changing to adapt to the dynamic hospitality environment and workforce,” said Mariano Faz, Head of TFG Asset Management, Dubai.

“Thanks to the discussions we have staged with the industry experts, we are optimistic and confident that our white paper, researched in collaboration with EAH, will prove insightful.”