Hotel Asset Management

Upholding your vision

TFG Asset Management knows what it takes to make your hotel investment in Dubai a success. It also knows that owning a hotel property can be a daunting task, given the ever-increasing cost of development, operation and growing supply and competition. While TFG Asset Management works very closely with hotel operators, its objectives differ slightly from theirs. Its primary aim is to increase the net revenue of your Dubai hotel property by meticulously monitoring the way it is operated. The objectives of a hotel operator may not always be in line with the interests of the hotel owner.

TFG Asset Management provides the balance between the two, securing, safeguarding and managing your hotel asset in Dubai and your vision, whilst motivating the operator to provide the highest quality of service standards.

•    A leader in hotel asset management in Dubai
•    Led by a primary aim of increasing your hotel’s net revenue
•    A portfolio of hotels that average over 20% occupancy and revenue than main competitors

Hotel Asset Management Services

Hotel Operation Solutions:

TFG Asset Management’s Hotel Asset Management team watches over the day-to-day operations of the hotel. This includes closely monitoring expenses, budget, cash flows and capital expenditure, as well as ensuring the hotel operator is providing the highest possible level of service.

Hotel Strategy and Positioning:

Reviewing a hotel’s position versus its primary market is crucial to maximising its financial returns and success. Thanks to a strong long-term plan in partnership with TFG Asset Management’s Hotel Operation Solutions, hotels in Dubai under the TFG Asset Management portfolio are averaging 20% more occupancy and revenue than their primary competitors.

Asset Optimization and Maintenance:

A well maintained asset is critical to the long-term performance of a hotel. TFG Asset Management continously monitors, audits and measures the efficiency of a hotel to ensure it stays in line with its owner’s objectives and delivers top returns.

Legal Process and Overall Compliance

In this constantly changing environment, TFG Asset Management stays up to date with all the current local, regional and national regulations that might have an impact on your hotel in Dubai. Its legal team is on hand to make sure the hotel complies with laws across every level. TFG Asset Management will arrange all necessary licenses and supervises, along with the hotel operator, inspections from the Tourism department or any other local authorities.